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Before contacting us, please check the frequently asked questions.
If you do not find the solution after reading it, please contact us using the inquiry form below.


Q.Can I enter with my pet?
A.Pets are not allowed to enter.
With the exception of assistance dogs (guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs), no animals or plants are allowed.
Q.Can I smoke inside the hotel? ?
A.There is a cigarette butt box next to the lawn square. Please refrain from smoking in other areas.
Q.Are there days when admission is free? ?
A.Admission is free on Citizens Day (October 1st) and Greenery Day (May 4th).
Children's Day (May 5) is free for all junior high school students.
Senior citizens' week (September 15-21) is free for those aged 60 and over and one accompanying person.
In addition to the above, there may be days when admission is free due to events, etc.
Please contact us for details of the event as it varies from year to year.
Q.How long does the tour take?
A.In the video hall, two 15-minute films are shown every 5 minutes.
It is a retro and valuable analog film projection of more than 30 years ago. Please note that there may be days when you cannot see the movie due to the malfunction of the projector.
After watching the movie, you can go around the museum in about an hour.
Q.Can you guide me?
A.Guided tours and guidance are currently suspended.
By scanning the QR code attached to the tree name plate, you can watch a commentary video by a volunteer guide.
For those who want to enjoy the guide at their own pace, we recommend the audio guide app that you can download to your smartphone and use. How to download the app, etc.Click here for detailsPlease refer to the.
Q.Are there diaper changing areas and nursing rooms?
A.We have a bed for changing diapers and a baby care room "mamaro" as a nursing room. Regarding the installation locationMuseum MaporBarrier-free mapPlease refer to the.
Q.Can I bring my own lunch? Also, is there a place to eat when it rains?
A.If there are vacant seats in the cafe seats, you can use them freely. Feel free to use the benches and sofas in the hallway, event hall, and front garden. Please refrain from eating and drinking in the large greenhouse and the video hall.
Q.Do you have a restaurant?
A.CafeWe are currently serving drinks and desserts only. For meals, please use nearby facilities (Click here for Yumenoshima General Information)

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