Yume no Island Photo Contest 2023 winning entries announced

The four winning entries for the Yume no Island Photo Contest, which was held on Instagram from June 3rd to September 3rd, 2023, have been decided!
Thank you very much for your many applications.
Certificates of commendation and supplementary prizes will be sent to the winners at any time after we have contacted them via DM.

This contest will be judged byShigeru Masuda (Representative of Professional Photographer Mask Create)Thank you for your cooperation.

There were so many masterpieces this time that I heard that they had a hard time selecting them.
All of the photos were wonderful, and I think many of them were just one step away from winning the award.
Congratulations to all the prize winners!

・The winning entry will be featured on the cover of next year's Yumetsu original calendar. (Scheduled to be distributed free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis on November 19th, the museum's opening anniversary)
・10/17~Yumenoshima Photo Contest Exhibition”, all submitted works will be exhibited at once.

Grand prize

"Summer Reflection"

Judge's comment
As the title suggests, this work is a model for reflection photography.
The two-split composition is well thought out, giving the photo a sense of stability.
The impressive silhouette of the botanical garden reflected in the large aquarium in the foreground is very beautiful!
I think this is a very good work with a high degree of perfection, even down to the clouds.

Outstanding performance award

"Beyond the waterfall"

Judge's comment
The result is a moist work with a sense of depth.
The waterfall in the foreground is used to create a foreground blur, making the flowers in the background appear more emphasized.
The way the light enters from the left and the overall composition are both perfect!

flower award


Judge's comment
It's rare to see such a terrifying photograph of a carnivorous plant!
I think the power of this photo is due to the fact that the photo was taken so close to the plants.
It really looks like it's coming to me in a dream! lol.

Yumenetsu Award

"Flowers on the ground"

Judge's comment
The works for the Yumenetsu Award are selected by Yumenoshima Tropical Botanical Museum staff.
The dynamic nature of the canary palm, which can be said to be the symbol tree of Yumetsu,
And the scenery on the west side of the botanical museum is a photo that is very typical of Yumenetsu.
No wonder it was so popular with the staff.

September 29, 2023
Yumenoshima Tropical Botanical Garden Photo Contest Section