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November/December 2023 Weekend Concert

Mini-concerts are held twice a month at the Botanical Garden.
Time: 15:00-15:45
Location: Event Hall
Participation fee: Free (entrance fee not included)

♢Saturday, November 4th: Sounds of string quartet
String quartets are high-quality ensembles that have been loved since ancient times.
We will deliver that charm in an intimate concert.
Seiyoshi Nakamura, Rei Kamio (violin), Akane Komatsu (viola), Megumi Nakajima (cello)

♢November 18th (Sat) Trumpet Duo & Piano Concert
Hear both the trumpet and the piano, two representative instruments of your dreams.
There is no doubt that you will become even more fascinated after the concert!
Madoka Mikami, Naoki Matsui (trumpet), Momoko Shioki (piano)

♢December 2nd (Sat) Cheney Horn Quartet ~Cheney Horn Quartet~
The horn is registered in the Guinness World Records as the "most difficult brass instrument"!
Its appeal lies in its variety of sounds, from sweet tones to heroic tones!
Asami Komatsu, Yuka Nahata, Risaki Miyazaki, Norio Takamoto (horn)

◇December 16th (Sat) Violin Ensemble “Musa”
Everyone admires the violin for its sweet tone and performance.
We wish you a blissful time spent with the "goddess".
Haruna Kawasaki, Mariko Horiuchi, Ikuna Ito, Yukie Kamei (violin)