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[Reservation required] Bee internal examination experience meeting!

The work of inspecting the inside of the hive to check the growth status of the bees is called “internal inspection”. Why don't you observe the state of queen bees and worker bees with Mr. Arano, a beekeeper?
We are also planning to compare the eating of honey and nectar. (Contents vary depending on the situation)

Time: ①10:30-12:00 ②14:00-15:30

Location: Event Hall (Meeting)

Capacity: 20 people each time (preschool children must be accompanied by a guardian)

Participation fee: 700円 (entrance fee not included)

What to bring: work gloves, long sleeves and long pants (avoid wearing black clothes)

Lecturer: Tamio Arano (amateur beekeeper)

Application: From 21:00 on June 21

STORES 予約 から予約する

*We will lend you a hat with an anti-bee net.

You can change or cancel your reservation online up to 3 days in advance.
Payment of the participation fee will be cash only.

Please complete the reception 10 to 15 minutes before the start time.
Please note that the seats are unreserved and those who have completed the reception will be seated.
This is a very popular event every year, so please contact the management office as soon as possible for last-minute cancellations or late arrivals.