Cafe Shop



The plants in the large greenhouse and the café at the Botanical Museum surrounded by the gentle sound of a waterfall.
Enjoy a tropical drink typical of the Tropical Botanical Museum.

Business Hours
11:00-16:00 (currently closed)

■【Notice of long-term cafe closure】 Our cafe is currently closed for a planned reopening. (Reopening date is undecided.)



mango juice ¥450
guava juice ¥450
Ogasawara Lemon Cider ¥430
Coffee (hot/ice) ¥400
Tea (hot or iced) ¥400
orange juice ¥400
non-alcoholic beer ¥450


GODIVA Cup Ice Cream
(Vanilla & Cacao Essence, Belgian Dark Chocolate, Strawberry & Heart Chip)
Pancake ¥450
ice cake
(three-layer chocolate rich dome cake, bright red apple)


We do not currently offer a food menu.

The prices shown are inclusive of 10% consumption tax.
No take-out. Please eat in the Botanical Museum.



We have a wide variety of items, such as a key ring with a large greenhouse dome that has a unique shape inspired by the sail of a sailing ship, and goods with the motif of the precious plants of the Ogasawara Islands.

Business Hours



original dome keychain

¥700(tax included)

A symbol of the Botanical Garden, a portable figure-shaped key chain of the large greenhouse dome has been made. On the pedestal is the background of what used to be called "Trash Island", and on the other side is an illustration of a beautifully blooming flower that symbolizes the current Dream Island. The mini dome can be displayed standing up!


original tote bag

¥800(tax included)

A collaboration product was born between our staff, who are experts in illustration, and our staff who are trying to create something that can only be found here. We offer three types of completely original illustrated eco-bags that you can't find anywhere else.


This is the only handkerchief in this family

¥700(tax included)

A gauze handkerchief with a nice touch, embroidered with the character "Kono Hatoko no mi", who livens up the Yumenoshima Tropical Botanical Garden together.