November 23rd [Thursday Holiday] Autumn Sky and Lawn Concert

We will be holding the first music event, Autumn Sky and Lawn Concert, at Yumenoshima Park Archery Range.

Why not sit on the lawn and enjoy your holiday while listening to music!

Date and time: November 23rd (Thursday, holiday) 12:00-15:00

Location: Yumenoshima Park Archery Range

free entrance


12:00 “Flute/Violin/Piano Trio Concert”

Wind instrument flute, string instrument violin, keyboard instrument piano

A concert where you can feel the characteristics of each of them on familiar songs!

13:00 “Los Tres Amigos”

HOLA from the other side of the world! Cheerful amigos unfold

Delivering the world of South American folk music "folklore"!

14:00 "Kids Concert"

Children full of energy, gather at the archery range!

Let's sing the music we all love with our sisters!

Invite your friends and family and have fun together!

Please bring your own sheets and rugs.