Mystery solving quiz rally “Go-kun’s soul collection ~Lord of the Flies and the Plywood Hero~”

Shinkiba/Yumenoshima was once known as a "fly paradise" as a garbage landfill.
Nowadays, it is known as the ``Tree and Green City'' due to its use of wood and greening.

However, in an attempt to break this positive cycle and restore the former "fly paradise",
The Lord of the Flies “Beelzesama” has returned from the depths of hell!

``Beelzesama'' steals the souls of local characters and uses them as servants.
"Go-kun" was the only one who escaped the crisis and stood up.

It is said that the souls of the mascot characters have been sealed away in a mystery by Beelzesama.

Will "Go-kun" be able to solve the mystery and restore the souls of the loose characters?
And will it be possible to restore true circulation to Shinkiba/Yumenoshima?
This story depicts his challenges and adventures as a hero.

We will be holding a mystery-solving event where you will take on the challenge of solving mysteries around the city of Shinkiba.
This is an event that both adults and children can enjoy, so please join us while touring the artworks.

Date and time

September 16th, 2023, September 17th, October 7th, October 8th, 2023
10:00-16:00 (last reception 14:00)

Reception location

Wood and Plywood Museum (free admission)

*No reservation required. Please come directly to the reception location on the day.


7 minutes walk from Shinkiba Station Shinkiba Tower 4th floor (MAP)

Participation fee

1 pair (1 set) 500円
(One set of maps and souvenirs will be given to you after clearing the game, so please apply for as many as you need.)

Time required

2-3 hours


smartphone(LINEUse the app. LINEIf you do not have an account, please register in advance to participate. )

hereYou must register as a friend of the Yumenoshima Tropical Botanical Garden official account.

Other notes

●Please take care of your health, including hydration, and wear clothes that are easy to move in. ●There is no parking lot for this event. Please join us on foot or by bicycle. ●As you may have to travel long distances during the event, please make use of the "community cycles" set up at various locations in Shinkiba. ●Please follow the traffic rules and be careful to avoid injury or accidents. ●In the unlikely event that an incident, accident, theft, etc. occurs during the event, the organizer will not be held responsible. ●It may take some time to clear the stage, so we recommend that you participate in plenty of time. It is also possible to play over multiple days. ●Unless otherwise noted on the map, riddles are posted on sidewalks or in places that can be seen from outside the site. There is no mystery in a place that cannot be seen without breaking or moving something. ●Please refrain from entering company/store premises without permission, staying near the vehicle entrance/exit of each installation location for a long time, or blocking the road. ●The event may be canceled due to bad weather or other reasons. ●Please note that the contents may change at short notice. ●This mystery quiz rally is an event during the “Shinkiba Yumenoshima Wakuwaku Walk Art Festival 2023”.

Contact us

Original idea/mystery production/mystery-solving kit story production/mystery-solving panel design production assistance: Nazoumi (Nazoumi Research Institute)
Logo design / Graphic design: Fusao Okaguchi
Character design (Beelzesama): Neo Tsumura
Illustrations (Yuru character with a blank face who has lost his soul, fly swatting sword, etc.) / Story production assistance: Ayaka Nakamura
Screenplay / LINE Bot Story production: Rintaro Miyai
Management: Megumi Sato
Production cooperation: Uichiro Takiguchi
Planning/Composition: Hayato Enokido