Shinkiba & Yumenoshima Exciting Walk Art Festival 2023

Shinkiba, the town of wood.
Yumenoshima used to be a landfill of garbage.

In this place full of energy generated by people's activities and cultivation,
We will hold the second art festival.


What is valuable to someone is worthless to someone else.

Some people may feel that the trash on the road looks like treasure, or that art works are trash.

See familiar sights from a different perspective as you circle town and parks.

Art and workshops using waste materials, and works created by artists.
This will give you a hint of a new perspective.

The circulation that occurs in the two areas of Shinkiba town and Yumenoshima is
It's only a moment.

It becomes one vortex, involving all the viewers.
We would be happy if we could spread new "excitement".

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You can see a detailed map

dreamNoshima Tropical Botanical Garden
It is a facility that reproduces a tropical rainforest jungle in a large glass-enclosed greenhouse. In this place full of natural greenery, works with the theme of artificial artificial plants "artificial flowers" will be exhibited. (Art works are displayed in the special exhibition room in the hall)
Exhibiting artists: Sae Honda, FICCIONES

Yumenoshima Park
Yumenoshima Park, which used to be a landfill, is lined with outdoor sculptures and installations. While visiting each facility, please enjoy the works that are scattered in the park.
Exhibited artists: Naoya Ishikawa, Shinpei Ishikawa, Atsushi Niizuma, Yuki Mizuta, Chika Hazaki, Mao Oishi, Shohei Shirai, Hime Takeuchi, Ryota Yamazaki, Takayuki Ota, Natsuki Osauchi

Shinkoto Incineration Plant
The largest incineration plant in Japan. The residual heat is provided to neighboring facilities as energy. Here, the works of everyone from Kametaka Elementary School, which was very popular last year, are on display at the entrance. Please enjoy the art using the scraps of Shinkiba.
Artists on display: Koto Ward Kametaka Elementary School students

Wood and Plywood Museum
It is the only museum in the world that extensively collects, preserves, and exhibits materials related to wood and plywood. We operate in such a way that everyone from children to adults can learn about the possibilities of wood, such as the preservation of the global environment and the comfortable and prosperous life through the use of wood. Raw materials (trees) such as kozo and mitsumata are used for Japanese paper. This time, we will create original Japanese paper that incorporates wood scraps from Shinkiba, a town of wood, using our own technique, and will exhibit works using that Japanese paper.
Exhibiting artist: Mifune Ohashi

Tokyo Timber Wholesalers Cooperative Timber Hall
It is a headquarters building and rental office building of "Tokyo Timber Wholesalers Cooperative Association" which was relocated and completed in 2009. It has attracted attention as an office building using a large amount of wood, and has won the Architectural Institute of Japan Award and the Japan Institute of Architects Award. I am receiving Appropriate for the Mokuzai Kaikan, large-scale sculptures will be exhibited that combine finely detailed carvings and twigs, making the most of the natural texture of wood.
Exhibition artist: Ryosuke Sugi

soko station 146
"soko station 146", which was created by renovating a lumber warehouse, has a café and shop centered on producers and the local environment, and sometimes holds art events. During the exhibition, there will be presentations and exhibitions of the Learning Program "What Happens in Contemporary Art." sponsored by gallery full⇔empty.
Exhibition artist: gallery full⇔empty

Enokido Lumber Co., Ltd.
It is a company that handles planning, development and production of wooden products, support for domestic wood utilization, and workshops. The lunch at Umineko Shokudo, which is open only on weekdays, is excellent! During the exhibition, there will be installation works that make use of the space, sculptures using bonito flakes and Japanese paintings using natural materials, and wood carving works by Atsushi Niitsuma, who became a hot topic last year.
Exhibited artists: Itaru Ogawa, Atsushi Niizuma, Mai Takayama, Hideo Takashima

Hosoda Lumber Industry Co., Ltd.
From exteriors such as wooden decks to interiors, we consistently perform manufacturing, processing, construction, and design, and as a wood professional, we are working every day to improve the quality and functionality of wood. The works are displayed as if they were playing hide-and-seek on the wall of the lumber warehouse, where the wood used for the wooden deck is laid, and between the neatly arranged plants along the road. Please enjoy the harmony between the works, the wood, and the plants.
Exhibition artist: CaNNNA

Saito Lumber Co., Ltd.
It is a company that sells hardwood lumber, processed products, and furniture from Japan, North America, and Europe, and sells exterior materials, designs, and construction. Secrets will be on sale at “Himitsuya-san,” a work themed around the secrets of various people. Your secret is also in the work... Would you like to come take a peek at someone's secret?
Exhibiting artist: Ribeka Kimura

Shinkiba Center Building Post Office
This post office is located on the first floor of the Shinkiba Center Building. Works with a world view that seems to have jumped out of the world of picture books will be displayed through the large window glass. You can meet Stanyan who was very popular at last year's art festival again this year! (Some photos of the venue are different because they were taken in July.)
Exhibition artist: Nobuhiro Tomosugi

Organizer: Shinkiba & Yumenoshima Exciting Osanpo Art Festival Executive Committee
Co-sponsored by: Tokyo Metropolitan Yumenoshima Park, Tokyo Metropolitan Yumenoshima Tropical Plant Museum, Tokyo Shin-Kiba Lumber Commerce and Industry Cooperative
Sponsored by: General Incorporated Association Shinkiba/Tatsumi 3-chome District Landowners Association

Curator: Miyu Araki
Area leaders: Hayato Enokido Mai Takayama Hitomi Hayabuchi Yuki Mizuta
Graphic design: Fusao Okaguchi
Art management: Megumi Sato (Tokyo Yumenoshima Tropical Botanical Museum)

Cooperation: Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd., Takiguchi Mokuzai Co., Ltd., Enokido Zaimokuten Co., Ltd., Kyowa Mokuzai Sangyo Co., Ltd., Nomura Shoten Co., Ltd., Edomae Kisen Co., Ltd., Hosoda Mokuzai Co., Ltd., Saito Mokuzai Co., Ltd., Tokyo Mokuzai Market Co., Ltd. PHOENIX, TECARAT, Yamazakura Co., Ltd., Kajimoto Meikiten Co., Ltd., Kiyoshi Abe Shoten Co., Ltd., Yamara Shoten Co., Ltd., Sawada Forest Co., Ltd., Atelier Co., Ltd., Shinkiba Center Building Post Office, Tokyo Lumber Wholesaler Cooperative