park rules

park rules

Before contacting us,
Please check the park rules.
If you cannot solve the problem after reading it, please contact us using the inquiry form below.

About shootingherePlease check from the page.

QPlease tell me about the opening hours and closed days.
Park A is open 24 hours a day. There are no closed days, but the management office is closed during the year-end and New Year holidays (December 29th to January 3rd), so the facilities (athletic field and barbecue plaza) that accept use at the office will be closed.
QCan I enter the park with my pet?
ADo not leave them unrestrained, and be sure to use leads or cages.
Also, please follow the manners so as not to disturb other customers, such as cleaning up the droppings.
QCan I smoke inside the park?
AThere are no cigarette butt boxes or smoking areas. Please refrain from smoking while walking in the park or littering cigarettes.
QCan I freely use the track and field and archery fields in the park?
A.Yumenoshima Area Comprehensive GuidePlease confirm.
QIs it safe for the elderly and people with disabilities to use?
AThere are ramps for wheelchairs, priority parking spaces in the south and north parking lots, toilets, etc.
barrier free mapherePlease refer to the.
QDo you have a restaurant?
There are restaurants at BumB Tokyo Sports Culture Center in the park and Yumenoshima Marina.
Yumenoshima Area Comprehensive GuidePlease confirm.
QCan I bring my lunch? Also, is there a place to eat when it rains?
A Green Park (lawn open space), garden benches, and tables are available.
In case of rain, please use the gazebo in the park.
QRegarding group use of the park
APlease contact us by phone. TEL 03-3522-0281
QOther questions
A "Metropolitan park Q&A"Please refer to the.

Prohibited matter

The following items are prohibited acts unless permission is granted.

  • ・Walking a dog without a leash
  • - Collecting or damaging plants
  • ・Capturing or killing birds and beasts
  • ·fishing
  • ・Swimming
  • ・Solicitation
  • ・Meeting
  • ・Ball games ・Ball play ・Frisbee
  • ・Drone ・Radio control
  • ·skateboard
  • ・Use of tents
    (Small pop-up tents are acceptable)
  • ・Use of fire (smoking, bonfire, fireworks, etc.)
  • ·Advertisement
  • ・Sales of goods and other business activities
  • ・Access by car/motorcycle
  • ・Other acts of defilement
  • ・Other occupational acts

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