Yumenoshima Park and Yumenoshima Tropical Botanical Garden
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Designated manager of Yumenoshima Park and Yumenoshima Tropical Botanical Garden

The designated manager system introduces the ideas and plans of private companies in park management, and aims to meet the diverse needs of users, provide high-quality services, and achieve effective and efficient management and operation. It's for
The Yumenoshima Tropical Botanical Museum and Yumenoshima Park were selected from 6 organizations for their proposals regarding facilities management that utilizes corporate know-how and efforts to increase users with originality and ingenuity. Hibiya Amenis Co., Ltd. Hibiya Kadan Co., Ltd., Azbil Corporation, Nikken Sogyo Co., Ltd., Grival Co., Ltd., and Ecole System Co., Ltd., the Amenis Yumenoshima Group, which consists of six companies, manages and operates the site as a designated administrator.

Operating company related website under the designated manager system
Designated manager: Amenis Yumenoshima Group companies